Innovate Development


Smartym R&D help companies to open up new horizons. We design, develop and prototype new technological solutions that provide exceptional experience for your clients.
Computer vision
Big data
Machine learning

Blockchain Services

Enterprise Blockchain

At Smartym R&D we develop and integrate any type of blockchain networks: public, private, hybrid, permissioned.
  • Blockchain development for enterprise: Openchain, Multichain, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Quorum, IOTA
  • Enterprise blockchain smart contracts development/integration: for both internal and b2b usage
  • Blockchain-based databases: BigchainDB
  • Legacy relational database blockchain integration

Smart Contracts / Solidity Development

Full spectrum of smart contract-based solutions:
  • Tokens and deposits
  • Multisig Wallets
  • Decentralized organizations
  • Fraud-free medical records systems
  • Copyright protection
  • Drug tracing systems for healthcare
  • Transparent accounting solutions

Smart Contract Audit

Our specialists perform full-cycle smart contract technical audit:
  • Smart contract viability
  • Specification compliance check
  • Automated vulnerabilities check: Oyetne tool, Solhint, Solgraph
  • Manual vulnerabilities check
  • Code architecture analysis
  • Providing recommendations for further code/architecture improvement

Crypto Payments Integration

We develop and integrate crypto-payments solutions for any cryptocurrency:
  • E-commerce
  • M-Commerce
  • Trading bots
  • Subscription-based services
  • Digital assets services


Custom Blockchains
Hyperledger Fabric
R3 Corda, Openchain
MultiChain, Quorum
Ethereum Frameworks
Truffle, Web3.js
Embark, Populous
Token Standarts
ERC20 Tokens
ERC223 Tokens
ERC644 Tokens
Ethereum Based Protocols
Blockchain as a Service
Blockchain on Azure
IBM Bluemix blockchain
Programming Languages
Go, Kotlin

How it works

Our expertise spans compelling web, mobile, embedded and cloud apps. Be it app development, integration or migration and support, we handle it all.


Our team discovers newest technologies and latest system design patterns.


We apply the discoveries to existing projects or build a new concept.


Experts test new ideas to move them from concepts to proven components, thus bringing extra value to your customers.


Investment Platform For Real Extate

Real estate development company needed to develop a solution that will help to overcome main industry challenges: construction progress monitoring, construction process facilitation, proper resources allocation.
Introducing a solution, our client wanted to make a platform for projects to conduct funding and skill-sourcing activities.
  • Develop a tool that will be issuing ERC20 tokens
  • Integrate freelancer marketplace into the system
  • Implement built-in ERC20 token exchange system
The platform’s ultimate goal is to facilitate a more efficient allocation of capital and human resources among projects within the blockchain space. Thanks to a decentralized infrastructure, participation and contributions could be made with minimal bureaucratization.
  • Ethereum: Solidity, Truffle, OpenZeppelin
  • Frontend: HTML5/CSS, AngularJS, SASS
  • Backend: Java 8, JOOQ, HikariCP, Spring boot, web3j
  • Develop Solidity smart contracts for every subactivity according to client’s requirements
  • Create templates for typical ICO and hiring terms for usage on both platforms (backers/freelancers)
  • Make user-friendly and easy-to-understand web-interface that links all components together and allows users to easily navigate through the platform


Construction Monitoring Tool

Real estate development company needed to develop a solution that will help to overcome main industry challenges: construction progress monitoring, construction process facilitation, proper resources allocation.
We’ve developed a comprehensive blockchain-based solution for speeding up construction audit process by automating milestone planning. The system has to resolve common issues that are faced by both developers and constructors: mutual trust, compliance with the contract's terms and conditions, fast critical situation handling, financial transaction issues.
  • Smart contracts integration
  • Custom RFID tags id generation
  • Blockchain-based financial transaction processing
  • Real-time construction process monitoring
  • Backend: Java 8, Spring boot, RabbitMQ
  • Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric, Smart Contracts based on golang
  • Android: Java, Volley, Gson, Paho MQTT, FCM, Instabug, TestFairy
  • iOS: Swift 3, CoreData, Alamofire, Auto Layout
  • We’ve delivered an MVP product that includes:
    • Fundraising marketplace
    • Smart contract hub for construction
    • API integration for the platform
  • We continue working on the platform creating a solution that would link together IoT, BI analytics, and blockchain.

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